JSB-J120 is a new disposable electronic cigarette produced by JSB e-cigarette. Remove rubber cap and smoke as you like, it equals about 30pcs traditional cigs. The LED at the opposite end of the e-cigarette will light up when you inhale. JSB e-cigarettes have obtained CE, FCC, FDA, ROHS, UL and PSE certificates. Electronic cigarette J120 is for high quality and life enjoyment. This JSB-J120 is a disposable electronic cigarette and it can’t be recharged. Huge vapors, many smoking chosen, like real cig. No ignition and no fire hazard.

Disposable J120

It looks like a traditional cigarette, feels like a traditional cigarette, tastes like a traditional cigarette.
It's just a a tar-free way to enjoy smoking!.
It is a non –flammable product that uses state of the art classy micro-electronic technology which provides smokers a real "smoking" experience.

JSB e-cigarettes have obtained CE, FCC, FDA, ROHS, UL and PSE certificates.

 Electronic cigarette J120 is for high quality and life enjoyment.

This JSB-J120 is a disposable electronic cigarette and it cant be recharged.

Huge vapors, many smoking chosen, like real cig. No ignition and no fire hazard.

NO. Project Parameters
1.1 Size
1.2 weight
1.3 Puffs Offer
1.4 Work Time 400 Times/ per ecig
1.5 Storage Environment

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