iCigar J18115

ICIGAR smokes 1200 puffs,challenge limit of cigar smoker.Generally,common cigar only affords 500 puffs.

JSB-J18115 iCigar

Taste classic,Enjoy achievement.Percentage 100 pure fragrance,Refreshing Durable and strong perfume.

iCigar, shallow fruity fragrance, or slight tobacco fragrance, let sweet fulls of your life.

Mint ,banana ,apple ,grapy, orange ,strawberry ,tobacco ,coffee…it’s up to you for more flavors.

Leaving behind cumbersome tool and waste, iCigar let you experience pure feeling of cigar while enjoy best value and convenience.


JSB-J18115 iCigar

1200 puffs, long enjoy a smoking trip,Full comfort of gestation should be so long.

Tolerance,2.5ml Content of e-liquid and 900mAh Large battery capacity.

Quality assurement, all of our products are approved ISO22000,HACCP,CE,Rohs,FCC,PSE,TUV.

NO. Project Parameters
1.1 Size L115mm*D18mm
1.2 Weight 37.5g
1.3 Puffs Offer 1200P
1.4 Storage Environment -5°C~-45°C
1.5 Work Environment +10°C~+35°C

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